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The Buzz Update from Superintendent Truebenbach

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Please take a few moments to watch Superintendent Tim Truebenbach give an update on the 2020-2021 school year. You can view the video here.  

Video Transcript Below: 

Hello Big Lake Schools Community!  Welcome to another addition of “The Buzz” with me, Superintendent Tim Truebenbach!

This week was the first week of school for our elementary and Big Lake Online students! We were so excited to see all of our learners back for another school year. On the Secondary side, we have been in Hybrid for two weeks now.  We all are doing an awesome job of utilizing and leveraging our technology resources to make this be successful!  To all secondary students' families - please be sure to tune in every day to your classes.  Attendance in these classes is critical to the success in them!  As always, with anything new we appreciate the patience and understanding of our families as we work to firm up bus schedules and pick up and drop off procedures at our buildings. 

Daily Symptom Check

It’s important that all of us work together to continue making sure that our children can return to school. We need everyone to be doing the daily symptom check for their students and follow the guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health. Please make sure that you are staying 6 feet apart with masks at all times in order to prevent becoming a close contact. 

A common misconception is that if your student is quarantined due to a close contact exposure, that they’ll be at home doing nothing for 14 days. This is simply not true. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your student’s education and in the event they are not ill or too sick to do school, we will provide distance learning opportunities for them. 


Over the past few weeks we have been seeing comments on Facebook that have been negative or demeaning towards our schools. We want you to know that while we understand it’s easy to share a post on Facebook with your concerns, the best way for us to help you is to contact us directly. We’ve taken tremendous steps to help create a more customer service friendly school district but we need your help creating a positive image for our community and our schools. Instead of going on Facebook to air your frustrations, please reach out to us directly. All of our staff and teachers are here to help you navigate these difficult times.


We were excited to receive notification from the United States Department of Agriculture that breakfast and lunch can be provided at no cost to all children enrolled in Big Lake Schools. This is feasible due to an extension of the meal service waiver. There is limited funding available to schools and they have not communicated a clear end date for this program. As a result of the limited funding, we will participate through October 31st and evaluate the amount of funding available at that time. If anything changes, we will make sure to communicate this with you. 

Yesterday we sent communication to our secondary and Big Lake Online families regarding meal delivery and pickup for distance learning days. We ask that you take time to review the order form that was sent along with the specific delivery or pickup options. 

As we end week two of this unique year, I want to say thank you to our school community - students, parents, teachers, staff, EVERYONE!  As I’ve said so many times in the past, it's going to take all of us together to make these changes to our new normal successful.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  

With that being said - Make this weekend a GREAT one!