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History Day Regional Qualifiers

history day collage
On Tuesday March 7, students at Big Lake Middle School participated in the school-level History Day competition. History Day is a national program that encourages students to discover history by completing a historical research project. There were several categories of competition, and the topic could be anything they wanted to learn more about, as long as they could relate it to this year’s theme of "Frontiers in History: People Places, Ideas.” Students presented their ideas in front of judges from the school and community.
Several students qualified to participate in the regional competition, which took place on Saturday March 25th at Saint Cloud State University. Some even went on to qualify for the state competition, which will take place at the end of April! Regional qualifiers include: 

Exhibits: Individual

  1. Emmelia Kortenkamp  
  2. Abigail Deavel 
  3. Kirstin Walker 
  4. Addison Doring
  5. Alaina Holum 
  6. Ava Klooster 
  7. Rachel Rowe 

Exhibits: Group 

  1. Brianna Vazques and Makenna Schewe 
  2. Ainsley MGuire and Dani Kaeppe 
  3. Adelle Nomeland, Olivia O'Brien, Esther Habarugira, and Ella Schreiner
  4. Jacinda Snoddy, Brenna Wenderski and Dayany Ramos-Aguilar 
  5. Delanie Worley and Charlotte Overby 
  6. Adelyn Gosewisch and Emma Jeurissen    
  7. Pasleigh White and Bri Berg 
  8. Rylee Youngs and Chase Suess 
  9. Emma Goplin and Sienna Pangerl 

Documentary: Individual

  1. Mason Tvrdik 
  2. Joey Allen 
  3. Connor Kopotic 

Documentary: Group 

  1. Naijha Weeks and Emma Greischar

Website: Individual

  1. Skylar Faris 
  2. Audrey Guldseth
  3. Gillian Harrington 

Website: Group 

  1. Judd Layton and Weston Jones (Regional Honorable Mention)
  2. Wakley Haley and Michael Figueroa 


  1. Kieralee Hotvedt and Jillian Corey (State Qualifier)
  2. Melanie Spoden and Isabella VanHeel (State Qualifier) 

Congratulations to all qualifiers!