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Big Lake High School Students Attend Lasting Impact Event

Big Lake Junior and Seniors attended an event called Lasting Impact on May 2, 2019. Lasting Impact is a video presentation which educates young drivers on the importance of staying safe behind the wheel. In December 2015, four friends decided to go for a joyride on a gravel road near Pine Island, Minnesota. All three passengers were unbuckled when the driver lost control of the vehicle and eighteen-year-old Logan Maas, a high school senior, was killed.


Lasting Impact includes interviews with the Maas family, the driver of the vehicle, school officials and first responders who discuss the lasting impact that reckless driving made on their community. The goal of Lasting Impact is to educate drivers, promote good decision-making, and raise awareness of the important responsibility that comes with driving. “I think it’s important for the students to realize that they have lots of opportunities to make choices. The results of those choices, as the presentation today pointed out, have a lasting impact. I think all that any of us want as parents, educators and law enforcement is to help students make good choices so the impact is positive,” says Investigator James Hintermeister.


Each year the Minnesota State Patrol educates students across the state using the Lasting Impact presentation.  State Troopers Blochk and Berglund presented at Big Lake High School and answered student questions after the video.


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