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5th Grade Math Masters Compete in Sartell

Congratulations to the Big Lake Fifth Grade Math Masters Teams on their great representation of Independence Elementary School.


Math Masters is designed to promote excellence in critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities as well as provide recognition to students for academic effort and achievement. Fifteen students in fifth grade from Independence Elementary School participated in the 2019 Regional Math Masters Competition in Sartell on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The Independence Math Masters Team is sponsored by Independence PTO. The students first compete individually in a five minute fact drill and then complete four individual problem solving tests. Finally, they work together in teams of five to again solve problems on three tests. Seventeen teams, of five students each, from area schools competed at the regional competition.


Big Lake students competing in the team-solving problem tests scored 1st, 2nd, and 5th out of 17 teams.

1st: Isaac Carlson, Tait Hanrahan, Daniel Schabilion, Brynn Scheer, Levi Sims

2nd: Mallory Carlson, Kiara Jeurissen, Henry Kuchera, Jack Midas, Jabari Strader

5th: Macy Cox, Sasha Hudyma, Caiden Nelson, Leila Pearson-Agbenou, Zac Stegora


Students then competed in a series of individual problem solving tests. Big Lake students who place in the top 6 out of 84 students are listed below:

1st: Brynn Scheer

2nd: Levi Sims

3rd: Isaac Carlson

4th: Daniel Schabillion, Sasha Hudyma

6th: Tait Hanrahan, Mallory Carlson, Kiara Jeurissen, Leila Pearson-Agbenou


The Fast Facts part of the competition had 5 Big Lake students place in the top 6 out of 84 total participants.

4th: Levi Sims, Henry Kuchera

5th: Isaac Carlson

6th: Daniel Schabilion, Sasha Hudyma


Math Masters of Minnesota began as a fifth grade math competition program in 1989 with teams from 44 schools taking part. In 1995 the competition was expanded to include sixth graders. This year there are approximately 5000 fifth and sixth graders registered to compete.



Back Row: Sasha Hudyma, Leila Pearson-Agbenou, Caiden Nelson, Isaac Carlson, Tait Hanrahan, Jack Midas, Jabari Strader, Mallory Carlson, Kiara Jeurissen. Front Row: Macy Cox, Zac Stegora, Levi Sims, Brynn Scheer, Henry Kuchera


1st place

First Place Team: Isaac Carlson, Daniel Schabilion, Brynn Scheer, Levi Sims, Tait Hanrahan