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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens During FLY Time?

Liberty FLY Time in grades K-2 is a student need-based learning time. Each grade level has 30 to 60 minutes, three days a week, to provide additional academic support, intervention or enrichment.  Select classrooms utilize a co-teaching model where two intervention teachers support additional interventions within the academic hour to reinforce and expand student literacy skills.


Students are divided into different academic groups based on literacy needs following analysis of grade level assessments and teacher input.  Learning targets for these groups are decided by grade level benchmarks and grade level progress toward end-of-the-year goals. Some of the research-based interventions that may be used are:


  • Leveled Literacy Interventions (LLI)
  • Path to Reading Excellence in School Site (PRESS)
  • Sonday Systems
  • Reading Intervention for Students to Excel (RISE)
  • Letter Tracing
  • Incremental Rehearsal
  • Read Naturally
  • Words Their Way


FLY Time groups meet for 6-8 weeks and are monitored for progress toward benchmark standards twice per month.  Groups are flexible and change throughout the year, as well as, the targeted skill. Our Liberty goal is to get all of our students reading at their grade level or beyond by the time they advance to Independence Elementary in 3rd grade.  We are meeting the needs and helping our students grow more than we ever have before. FLY Time provides additional time for students to receive support toward their individual academic needs. Exciting things are happening at Liberty! Ask your child what they are learning in their FLY Time group!