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High School Students Attend Research Lesson

On March 27, students enrolled in the High School’s Introduction to Rhetorical and Analytical Writing class attended a research lesson at St. Cloud State University’s Miller Center. Students were given a lesson in scholarly research by Professor Cindy Gruwell, a research librarian at the Miller Center. SCSU’s Senior to Sophomore program sponsors this field trip each year and treats the students to lunch at Garvey Commons as well. Students are able to check out materials from the library and learn how to use the hundreds of informational resources available at a university library. This field trip is a great experience for academic growth!


Here’s what students had to say about this trip:


“At a glance, a visit to the library may sound mundane, but the opposite is true: beyond its beautiful interior and moving shelves, a library contains a wealth of information. Throughout the trip, I was able to refine my research and develop my paper more effectively; I am grateful that our class had an opportunity to learn such crucial skills in writing that will follow us through college.” – Minnerva Z.


“The Field trip was very informational about how to use databases for research. I have always struggled at finding scholarly sources that relate to my topics, so I am happy that I went because the knowledge I’ve obtained has given me more confidence in my researching skills.” –Julia S.


“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. The knowledge I walked away with will continue to help me not just throughout high school, but throughout life.” – Sydney H.


“This field trip helped expand my knowledge on databases and how to find and use scholarly sources. The information I obtained on this trip will help me immensely throughout my educational journey and throughout life.” – Keeley G.