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Mississippi 8 Jazz Festival

The Mississippi 8 Jazz Festival was held at Big Lake High School on Tuesday, December 11th from 8 AM-12 PM.


The Big Lake High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Heidi Olson, was the first group to perform. They had the opportunity to work with Clinician Erin Holmes, who is one of the Farmington High School band directors and is currently the Jazz Chair for the Minnesota Music Educators Association.


The students also had the opportunity to hear other jazz bands from the Mississippi 8 conference schools which included: Buffalo, Chisago Lakes, North Branch, Princeton, Rogers, STMA and St. Francis.




Seated left to right: Row 1: Erika Werner, Noah Hart, Zeb Johnson, Ashley Feit, Megan Vetter & Gigi De Lorenzo Row 2: Kelsey Meyer, Brynn Johnson, Adam Rempel, Mason Krause, Joshua Childs & Morgan Benner Row 3: Erik Poffenberger, Jaden Anderson, Ashley Madison, Valerie Childs, Broc Hamrin & Kobe Goodwin