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High School Introduces STING

Dear BLHS families!

We are looking forward to another great school year, and working together in partnership. Over the past year we
have been focused on how we can maximize and improve our Hornet Hour time. As a school we are committed to
provide each student with targeted instruction to meet the needs of individual learning. To accomplish this we put
together a team that completed site visits to other high schools, and researched best practices in regards to Response
to Intervention (RtI). As a result of our investigative work, we have decided to change our format in an effort to
expand opportunities for our students. We are excited to roll out this fall an addition to our schedule; we are calling
STING (Student Targeted Instruction & Goals).

Students will still have a Hornet Hour advisor, and on certain dates will meet with their Hornet Hour class. Starting
in October, however, the majority of Wednesdays will be dedicated to STING. During STING teachers will
identify students who they need to meet with for additional help. If a teacher assigns a student to STING, they are
required to attend that session. If a teacher does not request a student, they have several options how to utilize the
STING time. Students may:
1. Request to see a teacher- teachers have the ability to prioritize requests and may accept/decline based on
2. Writing Center - students may sign up for the writing center to work on papers with assistance from peer
3. Math Center - students may sign up for the math center to get additional math help from peer coaches.
4. Test Center – if a student is missing a test or a quiz for a class, they can complete it here.
5. Quiet Study Hall - students may sign up to work independently in the quiet study hall.
6. Media Center - students may sign up to use the Media Center to complete academic work.
7. D110 Lab - students may sign up to use D110 lab to complete academic work requiring a computer.
8. Self Guided Academic Work - students may work alone or in collaboration with peers in either the
cafeteria, commons area, or Lecture Hall.

To make this new format seamless, we have teamed with AchieveMore to use a scheduling program. Students and
parents can download the app onto their phones or log into their account via a website. Through this app students
and parents will receive notifications when the student is assigned to a STING session. To ensure parents receive
the notification, please be sure you have an updated email listed in Infinite Campus.