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SIP and Data Workshop

Principals and their Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) learned about and initiated the development of a School Improvement Plan (SIP) on June 13 and 14.  Each school will implement and monitor narrowly focused and targeted goals aligned to Vision 2020.  Each SIP will have goals that support the following areas: 

Core Instruction
The core instruction goal area focuses on curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  Core instruction is about meeting the needs of all students and supporting  the needs of classroom teachers.
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
The PLC goal will focus on how to maximize the effectiveness of PLCs.  Teachers engage in collaborative team meetings weekly throughout the year and will create a goal aligned to one of the building goals in their SIP.  
Teacher Development and Evaluation (TDE)
The TDE goal is focused on high leverage instructional practices.  Big Lake Schools will focus on learning targets, formative assessment, differentiation, and engagement to support educator effectiveness.  The TDE goal areas will serve as the focus for each teacher's Professional Growth Plan (PGP, formerly the Individual Growth and Development Plan) connected to Q-Comp.
Instructional Technology
As part of the PGP process (Q-Comp plan), teachers will be identifying and implementing an instructional technology goal aligned to a building and district technology focus.  Teachers will be supported through professional learning initiated this summer at the Summer Technology Institute scheduled for August 20 and August 30.
The ILT goal will focus on how the leadership team will implement and monitor the SIP goals throughout the school year.
ILTs will reconvene August 15 and 16 to finalize SIP goals and action plans and create a plan to share the SIP goals, expectations, and supports with their schools.
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