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Three, Two, Won!

Independence Elementary sent 15 5th grade students to the 2018 Math Masters Competition in Sartell on Saturday, April 21.


23 teams, of five students each, from area schools competed at this regional site. The top six teams were announced and received ribbons, medals, and plaques.


As the winners were announced, everyone crossed their fingers and held their breath. Sixth place, fifth place, fourth place, third place - BIG LAKE, second place - BIG LAKE, first place - BIG LAKE!


Our Big Lake students, coach, and proud parents were ecstatic! After four months of after school practice in a Community Ed/ PTO sponsored class, the kids were rewarded for all of their hard work.


Members of the first place team were: Kevin Dailey, Kaelyn Dietz, Addison Holmen, Tyler Huver, and Elias Lohi.


Second place team members were: Joellen Blomquist, Tessa Fjone, Kailysa Kohnen, Gwen Niemela, and Maya Tvrdik.


The third place team included: Jayden O’Brien, Caiden Duchene, Gavin Jones, Torri Ramert, and Jack Sims.


The students also competed individually on a fact drill and a series of individual problem solving tests. Big Lake had eight students who placed in the fact drill: Caiden - 1st, Tyler - 2nd, Addison and Gavin - tie 3rd, Tessa and Elias - tie 5th, Jayden - 6th, and Kaelyn - 9th.


Eleven Big Lake kids (out of 109 total students) placed in the individual problem solving: Addison - 1st, Tyler - 3rd, Elias - 4th, Kevin - 5th, Kaelyn - 8th, Jayden - 13th, Maya - 14th, Gwen - 16th, Tessa - 17th, Caiden - 18th, and Jack - 22th.


The Math Masters teams are coached by fifth grade teacher, Edie Stewart.


Congratulations to all on a job well done!

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