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Buzz's Bookstore is Now Open!

Buzz’s Bookstore, the new book vending machine at Independence Elementary STEM, will provide a fun new way for the school to promote PBIS and literacy. 

When you walk through the front doors to Independence Elementary STEM this school year, you will be greeted by a shiny new blue and gold vending machine filled with all sorts of books. 

Unlike a typical vending machine, Buzz’s Bookstore doesn’t accept coins and dollar bills. It instead accepts specialized tokens. The only way for students to earn tokens to have the chance to “buy” books is by displaying the characteristics of the Hornet Way: respect, honesty, kindness, respect, and fairness. 

These five qualities are the core values of Big Lake Schools, and are the behavioral expectations that are at the heart of the PBIS system at Independence Elementary STEM. PBIS, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, is a proactive and evidence-driven behavioral framework that directly teaches and encourages positive behavior through acknowledgement, best practices, and research-based interventions. 

The school purchased the book vending machine and an initial stock of books, but is hoping that families will help keep Buzz’s Bookstore supplied and open for years to come. QR codes with a link to purchase books to donate to the vending machine will be available during the school’s Assessment Days and conferences. 

During workshop week, some of our teachers joined Principal Deavel and Superintendent Truebenbach for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Now, Buzz’s Bookstore is officially open, just in time for students to return next week!

Buzz's Bookstore