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Technology Agreement/Insurance Plan

Dear Parent/Guardian: 

This upcoming school year students in grades kindergarten through 2 will receive school issued iPads for use at school and home. Grades 3-12 will receive school issued Chromebooks for use at school and home. If your student was enrolled in Big Lake Schools last year, they will receive the same device. These devices will give students seamless access to their Google Apps account, Seesaw, Otus and any web-based resources. Devices and all accessories will be distributed at the beginning of the school year. 

We recognize that with the implementation of technology in the classroom there is a need to protect the technology investments by both the District and our families. This year, we will be offering a Technology Protection Plan that is available for all students. The Protection Plan is elective; it is not required. However, without the Protection Plan, families will be accountable for all damages. 

The participation cost for those opting to enroll in the Technology Protection Plan is $30 per student for the regular school year or $60 per household if you have two or more children. 

The Technology Protection Plan provides coverage for non-warranty repair, accidental damage (drops/spills), cracked screens, power surges, theft (with filed police report), vandalism by others, fire, flood, and other natural disasters. The Technology Protection Plan does not cover lost iPads/Chromebooks, intentional damage - or - stolen, lost or damaged charging cables, or power adapters. 

All families in grades K-12 must review and complete the Technology Loan Agreement before receiving their school issued device. While completing the Technology Loan Agreement you can elect to enroll in the Protection Plan. You may access the agreement and protection plan here .


Tim Truebenbach