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March ACT Information

BLHS student,

You are registered to take the ACT during the school day on Tuesday, March 30th.  The ACT exam will include the writing component, and generally take about 4.5 hours to complete.  Here is important information for you to successfully prepare for the ACT.

MyACT:  New this year, all students must set up an online account with ACT.  Students creating accounts for the first time will be prompted to enter an email address or phone number to receive a verification code.  You must have access to your email or phone to verify the account. ACT recommends students not using your school email addresses if possible.   Your MyACT account will be how you complete your pre-test session and receive your score.  We are waiting for the arrival of materials from ACT to assist you in this process.  Please do not attempt to set up your account until you have received this information.  A personalized Non-Test Instructions for Student form (containing a Student Code) will be given to each student.  The Student Code on the form and the student’s last name tie the student to the test event.  The last name used on these accounts must match your personalized Non-Test Instructions for Student form.  Students who attempt to complete the non-test information without their Student Code will not have that data included on score reports or sent to colleges.  It is important to fill in the non-test portion because you will get a personalized profile summary with your results.

Practice Exam:  We have ACT practice booklets in the Counseling Office!  We highly recommend preparing for the ACT by using the practice booklet to become familiar with the test.   Since the exam will be a paper/pencil test rather than online, these practice exams are extremely important.  Remember to time yourself as you complete each section, as ACT has time limits!  Students can drop by the Counseling Office to pick up as many booklets as you need.  

Online Test Prep: Online practice ACT questions are available in the students’ Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) account.  For students to log into their MCIS account, go to the MCIS website and your username is first.last22 and your password is Blake00000# (your student ID # - may need to use 0 before your ID number to make five digits).  Once logged in, you can find the ACT prep under the “My Portfolio” tab and then select “Test Prep”.  

Where do I go on the day of testing:  Outside of the Counseling Office there will be lists posted with your assigned testing room.  You will need to find your name to know which classroom to report to, and which teachers are proctoring your test.  If you do not see your name, or have questions where to report, there will be staff to assist you.  

What to bring: 

  • Your driver’s license or form of picture identification
  • Number #2 pencils and a good eraser
  • Permitted calculator
  • Facemask

 Do NOT bring:

  • Cell phone or any other electronic device
  • Do not wear a watch
  • Reading materials, notes or scratch paper, highlighters
  • Food, water bottle, coffee, backpack, purse, or hat  

Here is the estimated time frame for the ACT:


7:00-7:30 am     Students check out calculator & report to testing room


7:30-8:00 am ACT directions are read


8:00-8:45 am Test 1  - English (45 minutes timed)


8:50-9:50 am Test 2 – Math (60 minutes timed)


9:50-10:05 am      Snack Break (15 minutes timed)


10:10-10:45 am    Test 3 - Reading (35 minutes timed)


10:50-11:25 am    Test 4 - Science (35 minutes timed)


11:25-11:30 am    Break (5 minutes timed)


11:30-12:10 pm   Writing test (40 minutes timed)


Other ACT Information:

All students who are taking the ACT must be in their testing classroom by 7:30 am!  If a student is late to testing, they may not be allowed to test.  Any student who needs to borrow a school calculator may check one out in the Media Center.  Please be sure to arrive early if you need to check out a calculator, as there may be a line.  Once you arrive at your testing room, the staff will need to verify your identity and assign you a seat.  Please have your photo ID ready for staff.  Students cannot have a cell phone or any electronic device on their person during the entire duration of the test.  All watches are also prohibited.  Be aware students will not be allowed to access cellular devices until the test is completely finished.  Using a cell phone, or any electronic device, during the duration of the test will result in an invalid test score and the student will not be refunded.  Per ACT rules, students are also not allowed to have food or water in the testing space. There will be a scheduled fifteen minute break in which students will be provided a snack and water in the cafeteria.  We cannot stress enough that prohibited items should be either left at home or in the students’ lockers, as they will not be allowed in the testing room.  Students are allowed to use the restroom as needed during the test.  Students will be dismissed at the conclusion of the test.  All students' attendance will be excused for the day and marked as “Testing”.

COVID-19 Reminder:

Please remember, do not come to school if you are sick or having any COVID-related symptoms.  If you have to miss the March 30th test date, there will be a make-up date at school on April 13th.  All students will be required to wear their facemask while in our building on the test date.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to email Mrs. Folch if you have any questions.



Robert J. Dockendorf


Angela J. Charboneau-Folch

Assistant Principal