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Big Lake Schools Employee Inducted into Softball Hall of Fame

He has numerous state and national wins under his belt, along with titles of MVP and batting champion, but that’s not what is important to this Big Lake native.

Bill Miller “I played for the friendships and the fun,” said Big Lake Schools custodian, Bill Miller.

After playing for more than 30 years, Miller was inducted into the Minnesota United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) Slow Pitch Softball Hall of Fame on Friday. 

According to the USSSA, being inducted into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed on any individual. The person must have contributed to the Minnesota United States Slow Pitch Softball program, received a nomination for the Hall of Fame, and received a two-thirds majority vote from the Hall of Fame committee. 

When he was just 17, Miller joined the Lake Café team with current Café owner, Tim Cox. Along with the Café, Viking Coke and Long Haul Trucking sponsored the softball team throughout the years. 

“We played all over the state and countryside,” Miller said.  “Won many state tournaments; a few national ones too.”

In later years, Miller was picked to play for an elite ball players group in the Mens 35 and Over league.  This team also won a few national tournaments. 

“I’ve played on a lot of good teams, and met a heck of a lot of nice people,” said Miller. “Always played for fun, never made a dime.”

When asked if he was any good back in his day, Miller said to ask around. “You’ll likely hear that I was pretty good,” he said.

Miller still laces up his softball cleats to play with his children, but as soon as they have outgrown the sport, he says the cleats are hitting the campfire.