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Students Quenching Thirst Thanks to Student Council

Student Council Thanks to the Big Lake Middle School Student Council, staff and students at the middle school are enjoying cold, filtered water from a new hydration station installed last month.

The station delivers filtered and cooled drinking water to users through a traditional drinking fountain spout and through a spout used to fill reusable water bottles.

Additionally, the station features a counter displaying that the station has “helped eliminate waste from X number of disposable plastic bottles.” As of February 12th, waste from 2,366 bottles has been eliminated thanks to the new station.

“Students are really enjoying it,” said Student Council Advisor Jim VanderHeyden. “The new station is definitely getting more use than the fountain it replaced.”

Two additional hydration stations have been purchased by the student council and will be installed within the next month. The council paid for all three stations with proceeds saved over the last several years from working concession stands and activity nights.

Trying out Fountain