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Youth Apprenticeship Program First Official Signings

Levi Pramann and Josh Lahr have officially committed to future learning by working with LISI Medical in Big Lake through the Youth Apprenticeship Program.  Levi and Josh will be in a structured program where they work one on one with a mentor.  The program includes 10 online classes that they take during their off time.  The Youth Apprentice Program is divided into steps with each step preparing them for the next.  The students will need to gain the trust of the mentor by demonstrating each task that is given them in order to move on to the next step.



After high school graduation, students are required to sign up for a two-year degree in Machine Technology to continue working at LISI.  LISI offers tuition reimbursement to the college of the students choosing and continued employment while they attend college.  After college, LISI offers a 42-month full apprentice program or the students can choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree. 



According to Joel Abraham, Production Supervison with LISI, “LISI is not offering a job; LISI Is offering a career”.

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