• Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is available to children from birth to age seven who need special instruction or services due to a visual, auditorial, physical or other impairment; have an identifiable syndrome known to hinder normal development; or have a significant delay or impairment in cognitive, speech or language development.

    The Goal of Early Childhood Services

    The goal of early intervention is to provide free and appropriate opportunities for children to develop skills that will enable them to function to their fullest potential. Early childhood years are crucial for developing and learning the skills necessary for future success. 

    Home-based and Center-based Services

    Depending on needs, home-based services are available for children birth to age three and center-based services are available for children ages three to seven.  

    Parent Involvement

    Active parent involvement is a critical factor in the success of ECSE services. Staff provide support and guidance to parents and children with special needs. Educational programs and services require the consent and involvement of parents from initial assessment to placement.