Welcome to Big Lake Online

  • Big Lake Online provides flexible course options as an alternative to the traditional in-person K-12 classroom environment. High School students have the opportunity to participate in our nationally-acclaimed college and career readiness program, Relevant Experience through Apprenticeship Learning (REAL). Our apprenticeship program prepares students for life after high school by connecting learning in the classroom with real-world applications in the workplace.

    Our highly qualified teachers provide individualized student support aimed to create passionate, engaged K-12 students who are ready to take on real world experiences.

    Students will receive personalized coaching to support self-paced learning, social emotional learning (SEL) support from social workers and counselors, and technology support for district-issued devices.

    Big Lake Online welcomes students from all over Minnesota. Because virtual learning can be limited in nature, we collaborate with our in-person schools to guarantee a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for all of our students. Depending on the individual needs and services of our students, and the preferences of the student and their family, a fully online, partially online, or all in-person schedule will be created to set the student up for success. Flexibility between learning modes is also possible during trimester breaks when needed and best for the student.

    We believe our Big Lake Online students are proud to be Hornets, and will do everything we can to connect with and support your student!


    Our Families Love Big Lake Online!

    "We like just about everything about Edgenuity (Big Lake Online).  We are grateful for you and the opportunity to do school differently from the traditional classroom. We love Big Lake Schools!"
    - Parent of a Big Lake Online 2nd Grader


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is attendance taken?

  • What will my child experience using a virtual learning platform?

  • How much time will my child need to spend online each day?

  • Are there deadlines for my child to complete assigned work?

  • What will a typical day look like for my student?

  • Who is teaching my child?

  • What support will Big Lake teachers and staff provide for my child?

  • What instructional supports are available for my child?

  • Will my child have access to district provided technology?

  • Can my child move from online to in-person learning?

  • Can my child participate in school activities and athletics?

  • How can I learn more about the platform Big Lake Schools will be using for its online program?

  • Can I expect quality instruction and support for my child?

  • What if my child has an IEP?

  • What courses are available for secondary students?

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