Yearbooks: Ordering and Senior Photos

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    Parents and students of the Class of 2021:

    As this school year kicks off we all are extremely busy and the yearbook staff is already making plans for the best book for your senior year. The following information regarding submission of senior portraits is very important, so please read it carefully! Photographs that do not meet yearbook specifications will not be published.

    Submission Deadline: Monday, November 2, 2020- portraits received after this date may not be published in the yearbook. Photos are required to be uploaded to (USER ID number is 415463776).

    Plan ahead! Pictures should be taken by mid-September to give your photographer time to prepare your photo for the yearbook. Students may choose their own photographer to take their senior portrait for the yearbook. A simple head and shoulders shot is required (see example). NO other images will be accepted. 


    Please inform your photographer of the following criteria:

    *Upload ONE digital photo. Full color image preferred.

    Photo quality needs to be 300 DPI or higher for wallet size photo. (Basically, a high-resolution image is needed for printing purposes)

    Do NOT upload PNG or TIFF files. Very important - JPEG file only!

    *Portraits should be vertical; we will NOT accept horizontal images.

    *Simple, neutral backgrounds look best in the yearbook.

    *No props are allowed! Examples include: no sports equipment, no animals, no cars, no weapons, no vehicles, etc. Very important!

    Process for uploading senior photo:

    1. Go to the website OR go to the "Senior Portrait link" on the school's website
    2. Choose the photo to be uploaded. REMEMBER, each student may only submit ONE photo!
    3. Provide parent or photographer contact information.
      • (Person uploading the photo should enter his/her information.) 
    4. Provide IMAGE information.
      • Type the student's first and last name as you would like it to appear in the yearbook.
      • It is extremely important to spell the student's name correctly.
    5. Select grade 12 from the dropdown menu.
    6. In the description field, type Senior Portrait.
    7. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
    8. Click on "upload chosen images" in the blue box to complete the process.
    9. You will see a confirmation page and should receive a confirmation email shortly after your submission. NOTE: Photographers uploading their clients' photos may upload more than one student's photo at a time.

    This year, Big Lake Schools has switched picture day photo companies. Please make sure to get your picture taken on the designated picture day with JostensPix. This ensures that you will have a current photo for your student ID and will allow Yearbook Staff to use the “school” picture as a “backup,” should you not submit a custom option (described in this letter). If you choose to have JostensPix take your senior photo, you will NOT need to upload a photo to the site.

    Questions or concerns can be directly sent to me via email! Congratulations on reaching your senior year! 


    Kiana Pierson

    Yearbook Adviser 

Yearbook Contact