• Welcome to Kindergarten

    Welcome to Ms.Utne's Kindergarten Class Website!

    I am so excited to start this school year with you! Kindergarten marks an important milestone for your young learners. I am here to assure you that we will be learning many new and exciting things in our classroom. A few of the elements that we will be learning are:
    • Math- Adding and Subtracting
    • Counting forward to 100 and back from 20
    • Letters and letter sounds
    • Reading- (Just think, by the end of the year your child will be able to read YOU a story!)
    • Science experiments
    • Social skills
    • Morning meetings, free choice and lots of opportunity to grow as a community!
    I look forward to working with you in making your child's year in kindergarten very successful! I am very excited to see the growth and progress we make over the school year!