School Closings

  • Many times throughout the school year, the superintendent has to make a difficult decision whether or not to cancel school, delay the start of school, or release students early from school due to weather and emergency situations. This page has been designed to provide parents information around school closings.

    In the event that we would need to close school due to weather, staffing shortages, or other emergency situations; students would engage in eLearning.  During eLearning teachers will post assignments within 90 minutes of the scheduled school day and will be available to students for most of the day with the exception of lunch and their professional learning community meetings. Teachers will communicate with students and post assignments on Seesaw or Otus along with expectations for the day.

    The most common question around school closings is typically about our notification tools.  We believe our best school closing alert tool is our text message notifications, which parents/guardians can sign up for through their Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    Opting-in to Text and Email Emergency Communications

    You will want to ensure you have the most updated contact information in our system and have opted-in to receiving emergency communications. To do this, login to your Infinite Campus portal. If you do not have a portal, contact your child’s school for login information. Next, click on Contact Preferences located in the left navigation bar. Look under Emergency to make sure you have check marks by the email address and/or cell phone you want to receive communications at. For text message, make sure you have Text (SMS) checked. Don’t forget to hit SAVE.

    If you need to add or update an email address or phone number, click on Family Member in the left navigation bar. Find the appropriate person, and update the necessary contact information.



Commonly Asked Questions

  • Who Makes the Decision to Close?

  • What Factors are Considered?

  • Do You Consult With Other School Districts?

  • When Are Decisions to Cancel or Delay Made?

  • How Are Parents Notified?

  • What About Kids Club, Community Education, Preschool and Activities?