Building Blocks for Family & School Success

    Early Childhood Family Education is a Community Education program for families with children between the ages of zero and five.

    Classes are designed for children and parents to attend together. ECFE recognizes that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers.

    What is a typical ECFE class like? 

    Most ECFE classes meet once a week and include:

    Parent/Child Activity Time:

    Children explore the early childhood classroom with their parents and participate in play-based learning activities planned by a licensed early childhood teacher.

    Parent Education Time:

    In most classes parents separate from their children and meet with a licensed parent educator in a nearby classroom. The parent educator will facilitate discussions on parenting topics and provide relevant resources based on the topics of interest. Parents find this time beneficial as they support and encourage each other.

    Research-based information on early brain development, child development, parenting techniques, and community resources are just some of the information presented in ECFE classes.

    *In some classes parent education time takes place within the early childhood classroom.

    Children’s Activity Time:

    While parents are engaged in discussion, children remain with the early childhood teacher in the early childhood classroom, as they continue to explore, play, and engage with their friends.

    The early childhood teacher carefully plans and guides experiences that encourage positive development of each child’s language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.

    Examples of ECFE classes include:


    What are the benefits?

    Research has shown that ECFE helps strengthen and support families as they provide the best possible environment for their children to learn and grow within. Children whose parents are involved early in their education are more likely to be successful in elementary school.

    Come for your child, stay for yourself!