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    Big Lake Community Education provides quality lifelong learning opportunities for every member of our community. What better time to learn a new skill and broaden your life than the present? You will meet new people, learn something you didn’t know before and make your world a more interesting place.

    I have been a part of Big Lake Schools since 1984, serving in a variety of positions.

    Personally, I believe strongly in the community education philosophy and am an avid lifelong learner.
    If you are an individual, local organization or business that is interested in bettering our community through education, let’s talk! We are always looking for new class offerings for the Big Lake community.
    -Brad Schnitzler

    What Exactly is Community Education? 

    Community Education is exaclty what its name implies - a way for community members, schools, local businesses and organizations to come together to become active partners in addressing community education concerns. In other words, Community Education provides educational resources that help people raise the quality of life in their communities. 
    Programs & Services
    • Youth and Adult Classes
    • Adult Basic Education
    • Adults with Disabilities
    • Early Childhood Education Classes
    • Early Childhood Screening
    • Preschool
    • Extended Day & Daytime Child Care 

    Meet your Community Education Team 

    Community Education Team

  • Contact Information:

    Teresa Scott, CE Program Secretary                             763-262-7187      t.scott@biglakeschools.org

    Paula Jelen, Facilities Program Secretary                       763-262-7188      p.jelen@biglakeschools.org

    Jeanne Freichels, Early Childhood Program Secretary   763-262-8182      j.freichels@biglakeschools.org

    Kelly Kazeck, Early Childhood Programs Coordinator  763-262-8128      k.kazeck@biglakeschools.org

    Allen Berg, Program Coordinator                                763-262-8107      a.berg@biglakeschools.org

  • Mission Statement

    Big Lake Community Education is dedicated to building a strong community by offering life-long learning experiences through cultural educational and recreational opportunities.


    Big Lake Community Education was created in the fall of 1977 under the direction of Darrel Esterly, who was currently serving as the Assistant Principal of Big Lake High School.  In the beginning years, Community Education offered 10-15 recreational classes each quarter during the school year.
    Throughout the years new programs have been added ranging from summer recreational classes to child care services. Today, more than 100 classes are offered year-round in recreation, enrichment, camps, fitness and trips. 
    Additionally, more than 20 early childhood classes are offered during the school year, along with numerous other programs and services.
  • Brad Schnitzler

     Brad Schnitzler

    Director of Community Education

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