• Vision Transportation

    Vision Transportation

    Big Lake Schools contracts transportation services to Vision Transportation of Big Lake. Vision is responsible for creating and managing bus routes and stops, notifying parents of bus stop locations and times, and ensuring routes are properly staffed by trained bus drivers. 
    Vision Transportation typically sends out bus stop locations and times during the last few weeks in August before the start of a new school year. Due to budget limitations, transportation is not provided to middle school or high school students who live within two miles of their school, or to elementary students who live within one mile of their school. 
    Vision's busing works on a two-tiered system. High school and middle school students are picked up first and dropped off at their respective schools. Buses then circle back to pick up elementary students and drop them off at their correct school. 
    If your child needs to take a different route for one day, a week or for an entire school year, please contact Vision at 763.263.7900 or sandy.hesley@visionmidwest.com. Notes provided to bus drivers will not be accepted.
    For more information on transportation services, please visit Vision Transportation's website.