• Technology + Education

    Big Lake Schools understands that technology is a key component to teaching and learning in today's technology-driven world. Technology has changed the way students learn, and has forced teachers to change the way they teach.Big Lake Schools embraces the challenge and opportunity that technology brings to today's learning environment.

    Here are a few ways that we are embracing technology:

    • Teachers and students use Google Apps in their everyday work from creating collaborative documents in Google Drive to designing websites in Google Sites. 
    • Each school has Chromebooks available for individual student use or for entire classrooms to use. Chromebooks offer the portability and user-friendliness of an iPad, but have greater functionality similar to a full laptop.
    • Yearly professional development workshops on-site focus on providing teachers with ideas on how to embed technology into everyday teaching opportunities.
    • District has open technology policy for students that encourages students to bring their own tablets to use in class for educational purposes.
    • Entire district has free wifi for student, staff and visitor use.