• Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!

    In this class, you will learn the following:

    Power Standards - Geography

    1. I can compare and contrast the cultural characteristics of each global culture region.
    Ex. History, Arts, Religion, Daily Life, Language, Economy, Government, Social Groups

    2. I can predict the impact of WHERE one lives determines HOW one lives.
    Ex. Japan relies heavily on seafood for the majority of its diet.

    3. I can create a mental map of the major political and physical features of the world.
    Ex. Countries, Oceans, Lakes, Mountains, etc.

    4. I can estimate how landscape and climate has an effect on the locations of human populations.
    Ex. Russia's populations concentrated in the Humid Continental climate of Western Russia.

    5. I can determine the factors that influence the standard of living in developed and developing countries.
    Ex. Developed societies have a smaller percentage of farmers due to increased use of machinery and technology.

    6. I can analyze connections between countries associated with global colonization and its continued effects.
    Ex. Post WWII British India.

    7. I can justify the interactions between countries and/or multi-country alliances.
    Ex. NAFTA, NATO, Warsaw Pact, UN