Small District Advantage. Big District Opportunities.

  • At Big Lake Schools, we pride ourselves on being the perfect size. We are small enough to offer the many benefits that come with being a small school district, but we are large enough to be able to offer exceptional programming that only large districts are able to offer.


    • Dropout rates are significantly lower
    • Students have higher grade-point averages
    • Students have better attendance records
    • Fewer students fail courses
    • Students demonstrate persistence toward graduation


    Our teachers expect more from their students because they take the time to learn about each student and develop an interest in each student’s success. Teachers also expect more out of each other because of increased collaboration and professional development opportunities. Additionally, our staff have greater contact with parents and see them as an important element in student success.


    Anonymity doesn't exist at Big Lake Schools. Our staff are proud to know students by name. Research has shown that being known by your teachers and peers makes a difference in both student achievement and creating a safe environment. Because students know one another, they take more responsibility for their own behavior and the behavior of their classmates. 


    At Big Lake Schools, the core subjects of math, language arts, social studies and science take center stage; however, we also offer courses that go outside the basics and challenge students. We offer a wide variety of gifted and talented programming for those students whose academic abilities have surpassed their peers. Unique to Big Lake is our focus on citizenship,  STEM Education, and apprenticeships.

    • Citizenship - students at all grade levels are exposed to curriculum aimed at teaching the importance of good citizenship, being part of a community, and healthy relationships; both in-person and online.
    • STEM Education - STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Education is introduced as early as preschool.  It is more formally introduced to grades kindergarten through 2nd grade through STEAM days held throughout the school year, and second grade even has a STEM class. Grades 3-5 attend our STEM school where they encounter STEM principles throughout their entire school day. At the middle school, 6th-8th graders can attend Project Lead the Way classes where STEM takes center stage. And at the high school, students can choose from several Project Lead the Way classes.
    • REAL (Relevant Experience through Apprenticeship Learning) Program - our high school's REAL program is a nationally-acclaimed college and career readiness program that prepares students for life after high school by connecting learning in the classroom with real-world applications in the workplace.

Learn about our focus on STEM Education