• Welcome to Sixth Grade Social Studies!

    Map of MN
    Sixth grade social studies focuses on the historical events of this great state we live in! We have a rich and very interesting history that I'm sure students (and many parents too) will enjoy learning about. Many of the places we will discuss are places you probably have been through, and if you haven't, it will make visiting these towns that much more fascinating.
    We will be addressing many different topics in class including the following: citizenship, government, economics, geography, and the history of Minnesota. We will also keep up with current events on a national and international basis. Students will have homework including reading and writing assignments, but almost all assignments will begin in class and many students will finish before they leave. Sixth graders will have short essay questions on many of the tests as well. We will also do some fun projects and a couple of simulations that students often enjoy.
    I hope that each student will walk away with a deeper knowledge of our historical highlights including our connections to the rest of the country and to the world,  and a deep respect for the people and natural surroundings who made and make this state so amazing.