Share your Thoughts with Thought Exchange

  • What is Thought Exchange?

    ThoughtExchange is an anonymous survey tool that offers two-way engagement on important topics.

    There are 3 steps to every Thought Exchange: 

    1. Share: Share your ideas and thoughts regarding an open-ended question.
    2. Star: Review the thoughts of others, giving stars based on how much you agree/disagree with them.
    3. Discover: Look through the public report of exchange results, which shares all responses and reveals highest-ranked thoughts and common themes.

    To learn more, watch the Thought Exchange Intro Video


    Why are we using Thought Exchange?

    ThoughtExchange helps us expand our reach and engage more community members in the ability to provide feedback.  These exchanges allow us to pose open-ended questions (instead of scripted, close-ended surveys) which provide a more accurate depiction of community wants and needs. 


    How can I access current Exchanges and view past Exchange's results?  

    Each exchange is open for 1-2 weeks.  The links will be shared the morning the exchange opens on our website, in parent/student emails, and on District social media channels.  Current Exchanges and results of past Exchanges will be shared on this site.



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