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  • Welcome to Kindergarten Registration!

    Welcome to the Home of the Little Hornets! We're excited to meet you and tell you more about kindergarten! Typically we host a registration night for incoming kindergartners, but unfortunately this year because of safety concerns due to COVID-19, we've opted for a virtual tour! This website is filled with videos introducing you and your child to our amazing Liberty staff, beautiful kindergarten rooms, our building and our Little Hornet Way! This is the perfect spot to learn what to expect next year, as well as to start getting your child ready and excited to begin their school experience. Class of 2034 - there is no place like Liberty Elementary to start your child's learning adventure! 

  • Tour Liberty Elementary

    Our district's youngest learners start their educational journey at Liberty Elementary School, which houses kindergarten through second grade. Early childhood family education and preschool classes are also held at Liberty, which creates a very smooth transition to kindergarten for children and families. Check out the video below to learn more about our great staff and building!

  • A Day in the Life

    Staff focus on creating a school family and how each student plays a role in creating a positive, caring and creative learning environment! Liberty students lay the foundation for the district’s behavior philosophy by learning the Little Hornet Way. This behavior model focuses on being safe, being kind, and being a learner. Check out the video below to learn about a day in the life of a kindergartner!

  • See What Current Families Are Saying About Liberty Elementary!

  • Preparing Your Child

    Liberty is a community where exploration, creativity and imagination make learning engaging; where all love to learn and aspire to reach their dreams! We pride ourselves on our developmentally appropriate practices, our differentiation and our focus on literacy and social/emotional learning. Learn more about us and how to prepare your child by watching the video below!

  • What Comes Next?

    We are incredibly excited to partner with you in the next step of your child's formal education! The next steps for kindergarten registration include ensuring your child has completed Early Childhood Screening (ECS) and all kindergarten registration paperwork is completed. Remember, we're here to partner with you and help in any way we can! If you have any questions about the information below, please reach out to us at 763-262-8100.

    Step 1. Complete Early Childhood Screening (ECS)

    The State of Minnesota mandates that every child entering kindergarten in a public school must participate in Early Childhood Screening (ECS). If your child has not participated in ECS, you can set up an appointment through Big Lake Community Education at 763-262-3233 or visit our Early Childhood Screening website.

    Step 2. Complete Kindergarten Registration Paperwork

    Kindergarten Registration Paperwork is so important to prepare for a successful year that we want to make it as easy as possible! Simply print the K-12 Enrollment Packet, complete it and drop it off, mail it to our Liberty Elementary Office or email it to If you are unable to access the paperwork online, registration forms are always available for pick up during school hours in our Liberty Office or contact us to mail a packet to you. If we receive your registration paperwork BEFORE February 25th, a voucher for a Community Education class will be sent your way!

    In addition to the registration paperwork, copies of the following items are also needed. Our Liberty Office staff are happy to help with making copies of these items when requested. 

    • A copy of your child's birth certificate
    • Your child's immunization records (can wait until after 5 year check up)
    • If your child was not screened in Big Lake, bring a copy of his/her early childhood screening, including the district number, district name, address, and phone number of where the screening took place

    Step 3. Celebrate Your Kindergartner!

    We are so excited to welcome the Class of 2034 next fall! Watch for more information from us later in the summer about setting up an individual time to tour Liberty Elementary and meet your child's teacher. We call this event our Getting to Know You Days!  We value our families and know that your child will grow the most by having this strong partnership! At this event, you will also get the opportunity to score some more FREE Hornet Gear provided by our dedicated Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)! 

    Not sure if your child is ready for kindergarten? Liberty Elementary has another great option to explore! 

    Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a program specifically designed for students needing a step between preschool and kindergarten and it has been wildly successful! Students enjoy the gift of another year to develop well-rounded skills and usually attend traditional Kindergarten the following year.

    TK teaches to the MN Kindergarten academic standards at a less rigorous pace than a traditional Kindergarten class.  Students attend a full school day - with less transitions, more opportunities and more support. Social emotional skill development is a big part of learning at every level at Liberty.  However, in the TK classroom, social emotional learning takes center stage through additional opportunities for play and intentional social learning.  

    Interested in TK? Reach out to us if you would like the opportunity to talk with the TK Teacher or if you have additional questions about this program. At this time, we have a waiting list for the 2021-22 school year!

    *** Remember to also register for preschool through Community Education if that is a better option for your child.***

    No matter your choice, we are thrilled to get the opportunity to partner with you and your child as they start their exciting educational journey in Big Lake! Welcome to the Home of the Little Hornets!

  • Meet Buzz! 

    Buzz is our super friendly mascot! Buzz makes frequent appearances throughout the school year at sporting events, in classrooms, and school-wide celebrations! Looking for a fun activity? Try out our Buzz coloring sheet! 


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