Dropping Off & Picking Up Procedures

  • The following are general drop off and pick up procedures for our district. Each school may have further instructions for picking up and dropping off your child - please see your child's school webpage for details.

    Dropping Off

    Students should not arrive at school more than 15 minutes before school starts. Arrangements with Kids Club, a before and after school child care program, should be made if parents need to drop off students outside of the allowed times. 
    When dropping off, we ask that you pull ahead as far as possible to prevent traffic congestion. If you need to exit your vehicle during drop off, please park in the parking lot. The front of the building is a fire lane, and should never have unattended vehicles. 

    Picking Up

    Students need to be picked up after school within 15 minutes of school being released. Arrangements with Kids Club should be made if parents are unable to pick up students within the allowed times. 
    If your student will be picked up at the end of the school day, there are two options:
    1. Park your vehicle and come into the building to wait for your child(ren). Please note that we utilize a video surveillance system, which is activated during regular school hours. You will need to push the call button on the system in order to be "buzzed" in. This option should be used if your child needs assistance locating you and getting into the vehicle.
    2. You may also pick up your child curbside. Students using this form of pick up should be able to recognize and get to your vehicle independently. Again, please do not leave unattended vehicles in the pick up area.