• Substitutes Needed!
    Thanks for your interest in being a substitute for Big Lake Schools! Currently, the State of Minnesota is experiencing a teacher shortage, which means substitutes are in high need as well! We invite you to apply to be added to our substitute pool.

    Teacher Subs
    Big Lake offers an incentivized tiered pay system for teacher subs. All subs start out at $120 per day. After subbing for 30 days, subs will receive a pay increase of $15 per day. After subbing for 60 days, subs will receive another pay increase of $10 per day. The number of days someone has subbed as a teacher is carried over from year to year for pay purposes.

    Non-teacher Subs
    Non-teaching substitutes are needed for paraprofessionals, playground monitors and lunchroom staff. Individuals can select which specific role they are interested in subbing for. A high school diploma is needed to be a non-teacher substitute, and you must pass a background check. Substitutes for paraprofessionals earn $15 per hour, and other non-teaching substitutes earn $10.08 per hour.

    How Subbing Works
    Big Lake Schools uses a system called Frontline Absence Management, which is an automated substitute placement and absence management system. Staff post days they will be absent on the system, and subs can view openings and ask to fill the opening. Depending on the qualifications assigned, Frontline may also contact subs with openings.

    If you are interested in subbing for Big Lake Schools, please complete the following items:

    We look forward to seeing you in our schools soon!

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