• If your family is currently experiencing a lack of stable housing (this includes temporarily staying with a friend/family member while finding longer term housing), please contact their school and request to speak with the social worker or counselor to check out possible resources.

    St. Cloud Salvation Army If you have lost your housing and need immediate help, you can stay at one of our emergency housing facilities. In cities where we don’t have facilities, we will refer you to partner programs or provide financial assistance to cover nightly housing costs, when available.  

    Open Doors for Youth Located in Elk River, they provide a drop-in center to work with a case manager to help with food, clothing, hygiene products, food, sleeping bags, computer access, housing options, legal referrals, mental health services, employment, education, medical services, health insurance, etc. It is, however, not a shelter. 

    Housinglink.org Check out housinglink.org to see available local rentals, information on rights as a renter, as well as a lot of information on renting.