• Skills, Desire, Drive

     Cheerleading requires a lot of time and motivation to perfect. Squad size will vary year to year depending on how many squad members are allowed on the sidelines per the Minnesota State High School League rules. Both boys and girls are welcome to try out. The following are requirements to be considered for the squad:
    • Attend all days of try outs
    • Show willingness to learn
    • Be in good academic standing
    • Facebook access at least 3x per week (All updates and announcements are through the private Facebook group and group chat).
    The following are desired  skills for prospect members, but ARE NOT REQUIRED
    • Previous dance, cheer, or gymnastics experience
    • Tumbling skills (i.e. back handspring, standing back tuck, ect..) 
    • Flexibility (flat/extended splits, scorpion, bow and arrow, ect..)
    Fall Sideline Try Outs will happen over a three day period. The first two days a sideline cheer, dance, and the school song will be taught. These items will then be preformed in front of a panel of judges on the third day.
    Competitive Try Outs will happen over a five day period. The first four days a dance and cheer will be taught. Students will also work on basic stunts and conditioning in order for the coaches to get a base line of each students ability. Students will preform the dance, cheer, and the most advance stunt they are able to safely do during the last day of try outs.