• Football Coaching Philosophy

    Big Lake Hornets Football Mission Statement

    The mission of our program is to field a team of student-athletes that achieve academic excellence while competing athletically at their highest level.   Every member of our program will develop skills for life including leadership, teamwork, responsibility, respect, work ethic, honesty and integrity.  Through sportsmanship and a winning attitude, our team will provide a quality program, which creates a positive school identity and pride in our community.

    Big Lake Hornets Football Philosophy

    ·      Do the little things right and the score will take care of itself!

    ·      Do what’s right!

    ·      Do your best!

    ·      Treat others as you want to be treated…ultimately meaning RESPECT!

             School (The ultimate goal – obtain skills to be successful):

    ·      Ask for help; Do your homework, Study…No Excuses!

    ·      Develop good work habits

    ·      Stay on task and follow class rules

    ·      Sit in front (if there is not assigned seats)

    ·      Put your cell phones away!

             Life (The ultimate goal – happiness and success):

    ·      Respect your parents, family, the law and each other

    ·      Community service

    ·      Be accountable for your actions

    ·      Treat others as you want to be treated

    ·      Don’t act like you are better than anyone else

             Football (The ultimate goal – To win):

    ·      Practice hard and work to get better everyday

    ·      Do something in the offseason (If you are not in another sport, be in the weight room)

    ·      Do your part…you may not be a starter but everyone has a role to make us a better TEAM!

    ·      Know your plays

    ·      Use proper technique

    ·      No foolish penalties

    ·      Develop and maintain trust

    As a football coaching staff, we will strive to:

    · Build confidence, self-esteem, and a feeling of contribution within each student-athlete with which we come in contact

    · Help our student-athletes respect the dignity and diversity of all people

    · Work to help our student-athletes commit, as an entire group, to team unity through strong leadership principals and trust in each other

    · Be optimistic. Focus on solutions rather than problems

    · Be positive role models