Students will need a notebook with folders, a pencil, and an independent reading book for English class. 8th grade students will need index cards for the research paper, and all students will need highlighters, colored pencils, scissors, and glue at times in class. 
    Students will get a literature book checked out to them to keep at home. This book should not come back and forth to school, but should be kept at home to use in the case of homework or absences. 
    It is a student's responsibility to collect any assignments missed due to an absence by checking the absent box. Usually one day is given for each day a student is absent to complete the makeup work. If your child receives an assignment when he/she is in class, and it is due on a day when he/she is absent, the assignment will be due on the day he/she returns to school.
    Daily work is 30% of the overall grade; assessments (like tests, quizzes, projects) contribute to 70% of overall grade. Parents and students are encouraged to check grades online throughout the trimester.

    Students should complete the required classroom work. At times extra credit will be offered. Daily work can be redone if the teacher instructs a student to redo the assignment and the better score will count towards the grade. 

    Students lose 50% of points on daily work assignments that are turned in late. Assessments that are late will lose 10-20%.