• What's Our Evaluation Plan?

    Big Lake Schools has a locally adopted teacher evaluation plan that meets state statutory requirements and is closely intertwined with its alternative compensation program. The plan is quite complex, but simply put, it ensures that teachers are evaluated multiple times a year on the following categories:
    • Teacher Practice - derived from a teacher's knowledge, skills and professional responsibilities
    • Student Engagement - defined by students' commitment to, and involvement in, academic, behavioral, cognitive and affective learning in the classroom
    • Student Growth - a teacher is evaluated by the academic growth of his or her students on assessments such as the MCAs and MAP tests in relation to his or her stated growth goals
    Alternative Compensation Program
    At the start of the 2011-2012 school year, Big Lake Schools implemented the alternative compensation program, also known as Q-Comp. This program rewards teachers for performance and professional development rather than seniority. It is closely tied with our teacher evaluation plan and professional learning communities (PLCs).