• Big Lake Schools' World's Best Workforce Plan

    In a strategic effort to create the world's best workforce, the State of Minnesota passed legislation in 2013 requiring school districts to create a long-term strategic plan that is based on five core concepts:

    • Closing the achievement gap
    • All students ready for kindergarten
    • All students in third grade achieving grade level literacy
    • All students attaining career and college readiness before graduating from high school
    • All students graduating from high school
    This plan is called the World's Best Workforce, and it serves as a comprehensive plan that shows how current district initiatives and plans work together toward a common goal: to create a workforce armed with skills necessary for survival in 21st century careers.
    To view Big Lake Schools' WBWF plan, click here
    Along with a plan, legislation requires the district to publish an annual report documenting progress towards creating the world's best workforce.  To be brought to the report center, click here
    To view supplementary district plans referenced in the WBWF plan, click on the respective link below.