• Big Lake Schools truly offers programming that meets the needs of all learners. Our staff are highly trained at analyzing data to identify the needs of students, and using that data to drive instruction and learning that is specific to each learner. 
    For a small school district, Big Lake Schools has unmatched programming opportunities for all learners. Available options include: Kids at School
    • Diverse gifted and talented programming for students who need to be challenged more in order to reach their maximum potential
    • Unique special education programming for students with special needs
    • Post-secondary education options (PSEO), which allows qualified students to earn college and high school credit for taking college courses
    • College-in-the-classroom classes, which target students who may not be ready for the college environment, but are ready for the challenge of college classes
    • And many, many more!
    At Big Lake Schools the success of each individual student is important to us - it's our mission.