• Curto E103                                                                       Classroom Policies


    Readiness for Class

                Please bring your notebook, textbook, and pen/pencil daily.  When we are in the computer lab, you must follow technology/media policies, sit at your assigned computer, and do only English work, unless you have completed the assignment and have received my specific permission to work on other homework.  I schedule computer lab time as a courtesy to students and expect everyone to work quietly; a noisy lab makes it impossible for many students to concentrate.  You may lose computer privileges if disruption is an ongoing problem.

                Be in your seat when the bell sounds.  As far as I’m concerned, you’re tardy if not seated and after 2 “free” tardies, whether late for class or not seated, expect detention. Remain in your seat until the end of class when the bell sounds. Please do not line up at the door. Typically, you’ll have the last 5 minutes of class for quiet socializing, but this is at my discretion and I will release you from class when it is time.

    Passes -

                Four passes per trimester. Don’t waste passes on nonessential trips!  Sign out and in please. Once you have used four, passes will be at my discretion.

    Absences and Makeup Work (Makeup does not equal LATE work)

                Check the class assignment list on the website and ask another student what you have missed. Extra handouts are in your class bin--the newest ones on top or near the front of the pile. If you need further clarification, I’ll be happy to help you right after class. It is your responsibility to obtain materials and to make the effort to clarify directions. (My first priority is to begin class in a timely manner each day. It is impossible to spend 10-15 minutes filling in absentees on a daily basis, so once the bell rings, it is usually too late to deal with the previous day(s). In some cases, the missed activities are participatory in nature and cannot be made up easily. I will make accommodations before or after school to the best of my ability.

                I will follow the two-day framework for makeup work with regard to absences; after the two days have passed, no credit will be given unless the work is done after school under my supervision, and then only 50 percent credit will be earned. Tests and quizzes must be made up within two weeks of being missed or they will remain a zero.  Papers must be submitted within two weeks as well to earn half credit. I do not accept “late” daily work since it serves little purpose to complete assignments after your classmates have discussed the material, providing all the answers. If there has been a family emergency or other legitimate difficulty, see me prior to class. Daily work is due when it is due, not the day after. Daily assignments not turned in when due will receive no credit.

                Papers: Late papers are worth half credit and must meet the requirements for the assignment. (In other words, don’t be late and submit credible papers--length, following instructions, and showing the writing process are the main concerns.) Long-term assignments are due the day you return from an absence since major work goes through a process and it is expected that you have been working over the course of time. Rough drafts not typed and ready for peer review receive no credit.  See me if there are any special circumstances to consider. (Failure of technology should not be an issue. If you are likely to have printing or paper supply issues at home, type at school and home in Google Docs and save to your server account. Get a flash drive to transfer data if a problem is likely to arise.) Should you have an issue, papers can be e-mailed to me through the high school’s web page. Presentations not presented when due lose 50 percent. Under special circumstances, makeup will be at my discretion. See me.

    Daily Participation

                Up to 25 percent of the cumulative semester points may be based on class participation. The particulars will vary for each course. Inappropriate, nonproductive participation will result in no credit for that day. Even when an activity is not collected and formally assessed, successful completion demonstrates your formative learning, and each element builds toward your ability to demonstrate successful completion of the Common Core State Standards for graduation and course credit.

    Cooperative Learning

                Cooperative learning will be stressed on a day-to-day basis as a means of increasing the value and quality of learning.  One of the most important skills students should develop throughout their K-12 education is the ability to communicate and work effectively with other people. Well-developed interpersonal skills are vital in the world of work, and we seldom choose with whom we work; hence, group work will reflect the workplace (namely, I may pick the groups). Students who do not perform actively in cooperative work will not receive points for the activity.

    Academic Concerns

                Cheating/plagiarism: Refer to the student handbook. Scholastic dishonesty is serious and I will follow these guidelines. Remember, the person that cheats, cheats her/himself more than anything. If you allow someone else to copy your work, you are just as responsible for cheating as the person who copies, so no credit will be given for the assignment and the incident will be documented.

                I am ALWAYS an advocate for students’ learning and happy to help students who seek extra help. Students who would like individual help should set up a time to visit with me before or after school. Usually, it is best to set a time in advance. I am typically at school by 6:45 a.m., so I can accommodate students who have after school jobs. No one need feel confused, left out or otherwise in the dark!


    Cell Phones

    Please keep your cell phone in your locker or muted in your pocket. If I see it during academic time (bell to bell), I will document the violation and bring it to the office. (Please review the student handbook.) Occasionally, your phone may be used for academic purposes in class, but it should never be out without my prior knowledge.

    Substitute Teachers

                When I cannot be at school, treat substitutes very respectfully.  Detention is automatic for anyone whose name is taken for insubordinate or disrespectful behavior. Substitutes fill a necessary and difficult position and should always have a positive experience at Big Lake High School.

    Hornet Way/Discipline

    Hornet Way

    Everyone must behave with respect, kindness, honesty, responsibility, and fairness. I will model the Hornet Way and expect you to do the same.

    Please keep these policies in your folder after you have shared them with your parents/guardians. Your signature on the roster will verify that we have reviewed the syllabus and policies, and that you understand the expectations. Let’s have a great year!