Parent & Student Forms

  • Below are the most commonly used forms for parents and students:

    • Transportation Form - used to start, stop or change busing arrangements
    • Application for Educational Benefits- all families are encouraged to fill this out and submit it to see if they qualify for free or reduced meals or fees such as activity fees
    • Non-guardian Parent Portal and Transportation Access - this form is used if you would like to grant access to your child's education data to a non-guardian (such as a step parent). He or she can then be given a parent portal.  This form will also allow you to give permission for another person to pick up or drop off your child.
    • Data Privacy/Directory Information Opt-Out - parents who do NOT want directory information related to their child released to the public, used by local media, or used in district publications should submit this form. For more information on directory information or what opting out means, see the annual notifications page.
    • Technology Acceptable Use & Safety - review the technology acceptable use and safety policy, then sign this form at the time of enrollment and when your child enters grades six and nine
    • Student Immunization Update -  complete and submit at enrollment and when your child enters seventh grade
    • Concerning Behavior Form - use to submit a report of a bullying incident